Wee Wisdom Child Care Center assumes responsibility for a child between the place where the child is picked up and the child care center, and from the time he/she leaves the child care center until he/she is delivered to the location designated by his/her parents.

Note: Children riding in Wee Wisdom vehicles from Wee Wisdom to another location are expected to be signed in at Wee Wisdom at least ten (10) minutes prior to designated departure time.

The following will be enforced at all times:

  • Signed Parental Permission must be obtained prior to providing transportation for a given child.
  • Our vehicles(s) is/are licensed in accordance with the laws of Indiana.
  • We carry liability insurance to cover all passengers riding in the vehicle(s).
  • We make certain that our vehicles are in safe operating condition.
  • We keep vehicles clean and free of obstructions on the floors, seats, and rear windows.
  • We do not transfer more children than the manufacturer’s rated passenger capacity.
  • Children, regardless of age, are not permitted to ride in the front seat of any vehicle.
  • Our drivers carry the proper license from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at all times.
  • Children are never left in any vehicle unattended.
  • Any child transported to school by Wee Wisdom employees/drivers, will never be left unattended outside of the school building
  • We load and unload children from the curbside of the vehicle.
  • We do not permit children to open or close vehicle doors.
  • All passenger doors are locked while the vehicle is in motion.
  • All drivers carry Vehicle Emergency Medical Authorization for all children.
  • All drivers carry Emergency Contact Numbers for all occupants.
  • Our drivers must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.
  • All vehicles are turned off when loading and unloading children.
  • All children are seated in proper safety restraints when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Drivers may not have consumed alcohol within twelve (12) hours prior to transporting children.
  • Drivers at no time are permitted to use illegal drugs. Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination.
  • The Director, Ms. Allen, will require a follow-up drug test of drivers if illegal drug use or alcohol use (as described above) is “suspected”.
  • Drivers may not use prescription drugs that impair their ability to drive.
  • Drivers must not have any medical condition(s) that would affect the driver’s ability
  • All vehicles will carry the following equipment at all times:
    • ?  A first aid kit
    • ?  A fire extinguisher
    • ?  A blanket
    • ?  One (1) restraint/seatbelt per child
    • ?  Door locks
    • ?  Kleenex
    • ?  Baby wipes (for faces/hands as needed)

Rates for Transportation

Please see the current rates for one-way and two-way transportation in the section “Wee Wisdom Rates”. Please note our policy on “non-notification” of transportation needs.

Driver Information & Other Important Contact Information

You will be notified of your child’s driver prior to the start of school.

Your child’s Director is Ms. Denise Allen. Her cell phone number is 765-730-6340.

Your child’s Assistant Director/Administrative Assistant is Mrs. Angie Clark. Her cell phone number is 765-748-9026.

You will be provided with the name and phone number of your child’s lead caregiver upon enrollment.

Note:   You may contact these individuals at any time during the work day. If the person you are contacting is not available, you may leave a message with one of the other individuals listed above, or with the office manager.