Age of youngest child in groupMaximum # of Children Supervised by One (1) Caregiver
(In effect at all times!)
Maximum # of Children Supervised by Two (2)
(In effect at all times!)
24-36 months (2 - 3 years)510
30-36 months (2½ - 3 years)714
36-48 months (3 - 4 years)1020
48-60 months (4 - 5 years)1224
60 months and up
(5 years and up)

Child to Staff Ratios are maintained during all hours of operation. When there is a combination of ages within a group of children, caregivers will determine the ratio required by the age of the youngest child in the group. This includes opening and closing times. Wee Wisdom Child Care Center will have two (2) adults present during all hours of operation (6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday).

Additional Child Grouping Policies

  • Caregivers may care for preschool children, ages 3 through age 5, in the same group or area.
  • Children ages 2-3 years will be in a separate group in a separate portion of the upper level child care center.
  • Children ages 30-35 months may be grouped with children three (3) years of age.
  • Caregivers may group together children three (3) years of age through children twelve (12) years of age during the first and last hour of Wee Wisdom’s operation, providing that the group size does not exceed the maximum group size for the youngest child in the group.

Wee Wisdom groups children according to age. With the exception of the first and last hour of the day, your child will be in a group with children his/her age. Below is a sample grouping:

Upper Level Child Care:

1 group of 5 children; ages 2 – 3
1 group of 7 children; ages  2 ½-3
1 group of 10 children, age 3

Lower Level Child Care:

1 group of 12 children, ages 4- 5
1 group of 15 children, ages 6-8
1 group of 15 children, ages 9-12