Parents are the first and most continuous teachers of young children. At Wee Wisdom, you and your child’s caregiver will have many opportunities to form a partnership, which will lay the foundation for the best possible education of your child.

The following activities will promote parent involvement and will produce positive results for teachers, parents, and most importantly… your child:

  • DSC_0270Parent Visitors:  At Wee Wisdom, we practice an open door policy.  You may observe in our Child Care for 8 hours per month.
  • Join your child for Lunch.   You are welcome to join your child for lunch or dinner during his/her day at Wee Wisdom. Please call our personal chef by 10:00 a.m. on any given day to make a reservation to join your child for lunch or dinner.
  • Parent Volunteers: You may assist in our Child Care Center for a total of 8 hours or more per month. In order to volunteer, you must submit a current physical, a current TB test, and a criminal history check through the Indiana State Police. These must be provided at your expense. If you are interested, please contact the office for more information. Parents are an invaluable source in the classroom.
  • Telephone Calls: Caregivers will communicate regularly with parents. Please feel free to call your child’s caregiver at any time during our hours of operation. Please feel free to call our director as well.
  • Social Events:  Parents will experience many social events through their exposure to our Nursery School. In addition, all Child Care enrollees ages 2 through 5 will perform in our annual Christmas Program. (Please see Special Activities)
  • Parents are encouraged to provide information about their child’s culture and background.  This will include, but not be limited to providing an assortment of family pictures to be used in our “Family Album”.   We are also very interested in knowing things your family does to celebrated special times throughout the year.  If your family has special traditions, please share them with us!  We want all of our children to feel special.  One way we can accomplish this is by giving them opportunities to talk about their families and to share traditions that make every family special and unique!  Help us to celebrate with you by making us aware of what makes your family special!