Although we are proud to be a private Nursery School & Child Care Provider in Delaware County, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, socioeconomic status, or handicap.

We are available to each and every child and their families! We do accept payment through government assistance as needed.

Admission to Wee Wisdom

All applicants must first meet with Mrs. Denise Allen, our director, to tour the building and review the parent handbook.  The initial tour MUST BE PRE-SCHEDULED!

Wee Wisdom will provide the parent with a login to our parent portal, which will allow the parent to review the parent handbook and complete the enrollment application packet. The enrollment forms must be completed and submitted to Wee Wisdom one week after the tour date OR two school days prior to the child’s first day of attendance.  (Which ever date comes first is the date the enrollment papers are due.)  If enrollment papers are submitted electronically, the parent must bring the enrollment fee to the office within 24 hours of submission.  If the enrollment fee is not received with 24 hours, the enrollment will be voided and must be re-submitted.

  • All enrollees must be between the ages of 2 and 12.
  • All enrollees must submit a complete list of immunizations prior to first day of attendance.  The immunizations must be complete for the enrollment process to continue.
  • All enrollees must submit a copy of a physical examination that has taken place no more than 12 months prior to enrollment or 2 weeks after enrollment.
  • All enrollees must submit a birth certificate prior to their first day of attendance.

Facility Tour

A tour may be scheduled by calling our Director, Denise Allen, at (765) 284-8605 or completing the online form.  The initial tour MUST BE PRE-SCHEDULED!

We suggest that you bring to your initial tour:

  • Your child’s birth certificate
  • Your child’s immunization record from his/her doctor
  • Your child’s most recent physical examination from his/her doctor

Please note that you are welcome to bring your child with you to the appointment.  If you choose not to bring your child, we do require the child visit as close to his/hr starting date as possible.

What to Expect During the Tour

The tour will last approximately one (1) hour.  You will meet with our Director to tour the areas of the building your child will use.  The Director will review the Parent Handbook, the Enrollment Procedures, and the use of our online Parent Portal.  Also, our Director will answer any questions that you may have.

Note:  Wee Wisdom will “hold” your child’s spot for one (1) week past your tour date.  Your child’s enrollment papers and enrollment fee must be submitted within one week of your tour date to guarantee enrollment.  If, for any reason, you need to extend the “hold” period, please call and we will extend the hold for a second week.

Physical Examination

All Wee Wisdom enrollees must have a current physical on file within two (2) weeks of enrollment. The examination must include and provide documentation of the following:

  • Child’s medical history
  • Physical Examination
  • A written statement that there is no health condition that would be hazardous either to the child or to the other children in the child care center as a result of participation in program activities.
  • A written statement regarding modification of plans of care which require special attention because of medical conditions or allergies.Note: If special dietary provisions must be made due to food allergies, the parent must also provide the physician with a copy of our “Special Diet Policy” listed our parent handbook. The physician must read the policies and provisions and give a written statement as to whether these provisions will meet the nutritional needs of the child and, at the same time, provide a medically safe environment, free from potentially hazardous risks. This statement must be on file with our office prior to the child’s first day of attendance. If the physician cannot make this recommendation due to the severity of the allergy, the child will be excluded from enrollment until such a time as either the food allergy is no longer a threat to the child’s health within our environment and under existing policies, or our policies change to the extent that the physician is comfortable with making the recommendation for the child to enroll.

Immunization Records

All enrollees must have current immunizations on file in our school office prior to the first day of attendance. All immunizations must be current. The chart below is a list of all requirements.

Ages 2-5 Years of Age Kindergarten through Grade 6
4 doses of DTaP/Dp/Td/TD5 doses of DTaP/DP/Td/TD
3 doses of IPV4 doses of IPV
4 doses of HIB (or 3 doses of Comvax)4 doses of HIB (or 3 doses of Comvax)
3 doses of Hepatitis B3 doses of Hepatitis B
1 dose of MMR (on or after 1st Birthday)2 doses of MMR
1 dose of PCV-7 (up to age 5)0 dose of PVC-7 (If 5 years or older)
1 dose of Varicella (If not exempt)2 doses of Varicella by age 11 (unless exempt)
2 doses of HepA

*If less than 4 HIB Vaccines are given the doctor must describe the reason for the discrepancy.