Each Child Care Group will have access to three (3) outdoor play areas daily:

2 – 3 year olds

  • Advertisement Pics 001Riding Court/Basketball Court
  • Separate Playground  Areas Behind Swimming Pool
  • In-ground Swimming Pool (June and July)

4 year olds

  • Riding Court/Basketball Court
  • Playground Behind Swimming Pool
  • In-ground Swimming Pool (June and July)

5 years & up

  • Riding Court/Basketball Court
  • Large Modular Play Area Parallel to the Railroad
  • In-ground Swimming Pool (June and July)

Note:  All play areas are fenced. Our outdoor play areas are considered to be an “outdoor classroom” and an extension of the learning environment that meets curricular objectives by encouraging “child-initiated/teacher-supported” play activities. Child/Staff ratios are maintained throughout the outdoor playtime. Each caregiver is required to interact with children in all areas of the playground, and ensure that children are visible at all times. In the presence of standing water, children will play on blacktop areas only.

Providing Safe Access to Playground Parallel to Railroad:

To   ensure the safety of children ages 5-13 who are required to cross a private residential drive in order to gain access to the fenced playground, Wee Wisdom teachers and caregivers follow these guidelines:

  • Children are never permitted to cross West North Street unassisted.
  • Children will wait at the edge of the traffic area.
  • Caregiver/Teacher will move to the center of the traffic area and assure that no vehicles are present and that all traffic has stopped.
  • The caregiver will remain in the center of the traffic area until the last child has safely crossed the area and entered the fenced playground.

Note: The caregiver may put cones in the middle of the traffic area or display a flag, stop sign, or other effective sign designated to halt traffic while children cross the area.