Our staff is highly educated and dedicated to the implementation of all goals and objectives for each child. Safety is our number one priority. Safety begins with selective hiring of faculty and staff. Each employee must meet specific qualifications according to Wee Wisdom pre-requisites listed in this Parent Handbook. In addition to these pre-requisites, every person who comes into contact with your child throughout the day is certified in CPR and First Aid.

All employees must have negative results on routine drug screening. We also complete Criminal History Checks and Central Registry Checks on each employee. Educational Requirements will vary according to the position to which a staff member is assigned. Continuing education is an on-going process at Wee Wisdom. Our employees are frequently evaluated. Our staff is very consistent and our turn-over rate is minimal.

When you enroll your child at Wee Wisdom, we take full responsibility for the care and development of your child. We assure you that only highly qualified, nurturing, and loving individuals will be caring for your child!  Click on individual pictures for a complete profile of each employee.