At Wee Wisdom, our environment(s) will be prepared in such a way that learning is promoted through active exploration and interaction with adults, other children, and materials.  We will encourage and enhance “expressive” activities that include play, story telling, music, and dancing. We will provide a variety of art media to promote creative expression.  We will provide daily opportunities for children to use large muscle skills, learn about outdoor environments (weather permitting), and express themselves freely and loudly.

Our staff will provide daily activities for children to develop small muscle skills through play.  We will provide consistent opportunities for children to complete activities.  We will make provisions for privacy by arranging a small, quiet area that is easily accessible to the child who seeks or needs time to be alone.

We will foster language development and literacy by the following:

  • Talking with our little students.
  • Encouraging children to talk to each other by helping them to listen and respond.
  • Encouraging children to model verbal expression and written language.
  • Reading books and poems to the children daily.
  • Providing opportunities for the children to read and explore with books.
  • Providing creative activities that encourage children to participate in dramatic play and other experiences requiring communication.
  • Providing methods and materials in which children can experiment with writing by drawing, copying, and inventing their own spelling.
  • Literacy activities will be widespread, extending to many activities in all areas of the center.