Early Childhood Consultant and Vice President of the Board of Directors

In 1970, Mrs. Nadene Phillips founded Wee Wisdom Nursery School in the lower level of what was then her family home that she shared with her loving husband, Gerald Phillips Jr., and their two children, Denise and Greg.  Her first class contained four little students, most of whom came from fellow church families who attended the Yorktown United Methodist Church.  For the next eighteen years (through 1988), Mrs. Phillips, the mother of the current owner and director, Denise Allen, set the stage for a very unique and challenging environment for children.  Officially retired in 1988, Mrs. Phillips continues to serve our facility as an Early Childhood Consultant and is active on our Board of Directors.  Through her genuine love of children, her practical knowledge of childhood growth and development, her kindness and concern for others, her patience, understanding, and dedication, Wee Wisdom has evolved into a very exciting place for young children to grow and develop.  Wee Wisdom will always continue the warm, loving traditions first established and implemented by it’s founder, Mrs. Nadene Phillips.  We love it when Mrs. Phillips visits Wee Wisdom (which is very frequently) and the fact that she never misses a Wee Wisdom Christmas Program or Graduation Ceremony!  You are, and will always be, the HEART AND SOUL of Wee Wisdom!