Head Chef / Assistant Caregiver

Karissa has been employed at Wee Wisdom since 2007.  She has worn many hats, including Nursery School Assistant, Child Care Assistant, and Child Care Supervisor…and has been extremely competent in all roles.  For the past two years, Karissa has delighted our little students with her culinary skills by accepting the position of Head Chef.  Karissa is married and has two sons, Austen and Carsyn, who both attend Wee Wisdom.  In addition to her many talents, Karissa is also an aspiring artist and you can view her talents by visiting Facebook and searching Creative Canvas by Karissa.  Karissa will welcome you to join your child for lunch on any given day.  Please call her at Wee Wisdom if you would like to sample her tasty meals.  Karissa and her family enjoy camping, bowling, and swimming.  They love to eat at Amazing Joe’s and Red Lobster.  You will love the energy and enthusiasm Karissa brings to Wee Wisdom each and every day.  We LOVE “Missa Karissa”!!