We are a family oriented facility dedicated to providing each student with an early childhood program full of enrichment. Our program emphasizes four areas:

Physical Development:Includes gross and fine-motor development, general body movement, balance, coordination, and endurance
Cognitive Development:Includes imagination, short and long-term memory, sense of humor, alertness, attention span, following verbal directions, comprehension, and acquisition of pre-academic skills
Social Development:Includes large and small group activities, development of positive self-concept, sense of property rights, sharing, taking turns, respecting privacy and rights of others, problem solving, and developing positive attitudes towards others
Emotional Development:Includes identifying emotions, demonstrating appropriate emotions, and problem-solving

The following principles, listed in the Indiana Curriculum Guide, are direct reflections of Wee Wisdom’s philosophy of development and learning:

  • Young children do not learn the same way as older children and adults. Principles of child development, derived from extensive research and study, provide the basis for guiding the development of quality preschool programs that maximize the young child’s learning potential.
  • All children are unique with individual growth patterns.
  • Development is a “total process” (physical, intellectual, social, and emotional) through which young children learn to interact and function within their environment.
  • Children acquire an understanding of the social and physical world through concrete experiences prior to developing an understanding of abstract concepts.
  • Development in the intellectual, affective (social and emotional), and physical domains are “inter-related”.
  • Young children function as an integrated whole; therefore, behavior must be understood as a combination of physical, affective, and cognitive (intellectual) factors causing each child to respond differently to the same environment.
  • Young children learn when they have an opportunity to integrate and organize information in a way that is “meaningful” to them. Knowledge is constructed by the individual.
  • Skill Development and concept understanding progress from simple to complex levels.
  • Development and learning are influenced by many factors – biological make-up, health and nutrition, experimental background, language, the culture in which one lives, the expectations of significant others, relationships with people, and perception of self.
  • Learning for young children is maximized when they engage in interaction, rather than passive activities.
  • Dispositions for learning; desires, curiosity, creativity, inquisitiveness, enthusiasm, are strengthened through having the opportunity to behave in each given way.

Long Term Goals for Each Student

Wee Wisdom will strive to achieve both long and short term objectives for each student. Following is a list of long-term “general” goals that will serve as the basis for each class and child care group.

  1. We will assist your child to understand the relationship between written and oral language.
  2. We will assist your child in increasing his/her speaking and listening vocabulary.
  3. We will assist your child in developing expressive, receptive, and interpretive skills.
  4. We will help your child understand that science is everywhere.
  5. We will assist your child in developing an awareness of mathematics, and the ways in which mathematics are used in every day of life.
  6. We will provide your child with opportunities to learn, to work, and to play with others harmoniously.
  7. We will help your child to develop the ability to express himself/herself in a creative, unique way.
  8. We will assist your child’s physical development.
  9. We will strive to develop and maintain, within your child, an attitude of curiosity about his/her surrounding world.
  10. We will help your child to develop the ability to work independently.
  11. We will nurture the development of a positive self concept within your child.
  12. We will aid your child in developing appropriate behavior for different situations.
  13. We will nurture your child’s development of respect for the rights and properties of others.

Primary Objective of Wee Wisdom

Our primary goal is to promote optimum growth and development in all areas, especially in the area of positive self-concepts. It is essential that your child’s first school experience is happy, fun, and educationally stimulating. We strive to make each child feel secure in what is often his/her first time away from Mommy and Daddy!