Wee Wisdom’s commitment to the community is genuine. They put their values into action! Meridian is blessed to be a beneficiary of Wee Wisdom’s big heart and tremendous thoughtfulness.  As a Cause Marketing Partner, Wee Wisdom helped Meridian raised over $125,000 at last year’s Rialzo Charity Gala, which enabled us to fund a new playground at our Suzanne Gresham Center for Children, as well as fund training and outreach in the battle against child abuse.  If there were more businesses like Wee Wisdom in the world, there would be far fewer societal issues.

– Scott Smalstig, Vice President of Development at Meridian Health Services

Wee Wisdom’s Cause Marketing Partnership with Meridian Health Services

Wee Wisdom began participating in a Cause Marketing Partnership with Meridian Health Services in 2015. We are proud to be associated with Meridian Health Services and look forward to the opportunities that this partnership provides. Please join us in our effort to help make our community healthier through a focus on “whole personal health.”

We Do This For So Many Reasons…

  • Meridian Health Services help children who are struggling in school through their School-Based Programs.
  • Meridian Health Services help children and their families who are victims of abuse find relief, counseling, and closure through the Child Advocacy Center.
  • Meridian Health Services help special children in need of special parents through Foster Hope.
  • Meridian Health Services assist members of our community who are born with mental challenges find dignity, self-worth, and independence through Outpatient Counseling, Supported Employment, and Group Homes, Shelter Plus Care.
  • Meridian Health Services have programs to help community members who are battling addictions find the answers through Addictions Counseling.
  • Meridian Health Services help those in need receive HIV Treatments…which in turn helps them find “life” through HIV Care.
  • Meridian Health Services help the homeless find shelter and care through Shelter Plus Care.
  • Meridian Health Services help seniors who need specialized, expert care find comfort through their Gero-Psychiatric Services.
  • Wee Wisdom is excited about the OPPORTUNITY to “give back” to our community on a multi-need and multi-generational basis! We are blessed!
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