Staff Development Consultant, BS in ELED and SPCED and MA in SPCED and ED. ADMIN.

Stacey Allred has been training Wee Wisdom staff in the areas of classroom management and strategies since the fall of 2013.  We first met Stacey when she enrolled her child at Wee Wisdom.  We immediately made a connection and developed a professional relationship soon afterward.  Stacey has her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Special Education.  She also has a masters degree in Learning Disabilities and a second masters degree in Education Administration.  She has been employed as an instructor in the Department Of Elementary Education for the past seven years and teaches classes that focus on classroom  management and strategies as well as family and community relations.  Stacey is married and has two children.  Stacey, Mrs. Allen, and Mrs. Clark work closely together on a joint Immersive Grant Program through Ball State University designed to create valuable parent involvement through parent-teacher-student workshops and the expansion of a “resource-rich” Parent Portal, recently launched by Wee Wisdom through CS Kern.  Stacey is a powerhouse of ideas and resources!  Every member of the Wee Wisdom faculty and staff look forward to Saturday training sessions presented by this outstanding professional!  She is a very valued member of our staff and we hope she remains accessible to our school and child care center for years to come!