Office Manager

Kathy is our Office Manager.  In addition to many other responsibilities, she also does billing, consults with parents regarding the enrollment process, completes and update student profiles, and oversees our child care connections voucher program.  She is married and has two children.  Wee Wisdom was truly blessed the day Kathy applied for a position at our school.  We knew immediately she would be the perfect fit…and we are were not disappointed!  She is a true fitness guru!  She advises faculty and staff in the area of fitness and also serves as a consultant when planning healthy menus for our children.  She is a gourmet cook…a often shares some of her most delicious meals with staff.  She participates in 5K races and mud races.  She loves to travel and breeds Australian Shepherds.  She and her husband love going to concerts.  Kathy also works for Coldwell Banker Lunsford as a licensed real estate broker!  If you call or visit our office, you will, more than likely, be greeted by this wonderful and welcoming lady.  WE ALL LOVE MISS KATHY!