Parent Sign-Up Request

I have received a description of the ways in which parents and guardians can get involved in our Nursery School and Child Care Programs.

I understand that, as a parent and/or guardian of Wee Wisdom enrollee, I may visit the School and/or Child Care at my convenience.  I understand that I must bring picture ID into the building any time I plan to visit.  I have also received a list of all requirements for “visiting” and “volunteering” through my parent handbook.

I understand that parents of Nursery School students are required to attend parent-teacher conferences, the Halloween Party, the Easter Party/Treasure Hunt, and the Big Wheel Race/Family Picnic.  Further, I understand that, if my participation/attendance at these events is not possible, I must send a parent-designee in my place to accompany my child. This designee must be a family friend, an adult relative, or any adult-acquaintance that is familiar with my child.

I understand that I am required, as a parent of the below named enrollee, to participate as a “chairperson” or “committee member” in a minimum of one of the two parties listed below. I understand that I can participate as a chairperson or committee member in both of the parties listed below if I desire to do so. I understand that both parties listed below are planned and implemented by parents and there is some expense involved for each parent who participates as a chairperson or committee member.

Below is a summary of what roles I am willing to assume towards the planning and implementation of each party.