“As a previous staff member of Wee Wisdom, I knew before I ever had children that I wanted my daughters to attend Wee Wisdom. It is an amazing place for children to learn, play, and grow! Denise ALWAYS makes sure that everything is run properly and I love how involved she is in both nursery school and child care. I always know that if any problem arises, I could go straight to her and it will be taken care of right away. (But, we have NEVER had any problems.) The food is DELICIOUS thanks to Miss Maria (I know personally!) All of the staff members are always friendly and very welcoming. I know how exhausting it is to work with young ones, so I know what difficult positions they all hold. NEVER ONCE have I ever seen ANY of the staff members look tired or stressed! Everyone always is ready to work and LOVE these children! The patience that you all have is absolutely amazing! I couldn’t even dream of leaving my daughters in anyone else’s hands! Thank you Wee Wisdom staff for loving, nurturing, and teaching my girls … when I have to be away from them! We Love You All!!!”

- Taylee Poor