I absolutely love Wee Wisdom! I did a lot of research on other preschools in town. I wanted one that I felt was safe, and a good environment to leave my son at everyday. I wanted one that was going to get him fully prepared for kindergarten. And mostly, I wanted one in which the children are respected and taught to be respectful. Wee wisdom has fulfilled all of these and more! I enjoy taking him to school every day, and getting to hear about all the new things he learned and/or did in school that day! I did at-home mommy school with him before putting him in Pre-K and I’m so happy that I took the extra initiative in helping with his education. He has learned so many wonderful new things from the help of all of you! And, I want to thank you for everything you do! It takes a special heart to want to help shape little minds!! And also, I’m very happy to say that now my son and I both feel very confident with him starting kindergarten this next school year. Thanks AGAIN! GO YORKTOWN TIGERS!!

- Tara M. Sipe