“Dear Wee Wisdom Staff: I have twins that are 2 years old who attend your Nursery School Class on Friday mornings. They absolutely love going to “school” on Fridays! Mrs. Clark is a wonderful teacher who truly cares about the children. We live very close to Wee Wisdom and every time we go by my son will point and say school with a big grin on his face. That tells me as a mommy that he loves attending and it has a positive impact on his little life! I wasn’t sure what to expect as I am a first time mother but when I picked up the twins on their first day I couldn’t believe the detailed newsletter that came home with them. It is a synopsis of what they learned that day, the songs that were sang, the different skill sets that were worked on – I was blown away! I could use this newsletter to re-iterate a specific song or story and my kids knew what I was talking about. So this is a way I can reinforce their learning at home too! I never question or worry when I drop my kids off each Friday because I know the staff at Wee Wisdom are educated, kind, loving people who take after the ownership of this family run business! Mrs. Allen and her staff are a close knit group who extends their love, genuine care and concern right to my 2 bundles of joy! So, thank you for making a true impact on my children!”

- Stacy Bolser