“My husband and I are both so thankful that our daughters have the opportunity to attend Wee Wisdom Nursery School and Child Care Center. Because of my husband’s experience at Wee Wisdom as a child in the 1980’s and also the glowing recommendations of friends and coworkers, we knew that Wee Wisdom was the best place for our daughters. Ever since we enrolled our oldest daughter just after she turned 3, we have been nothing but impressed by Denise and the entire staff. Not only are they wonderful and caring individuals, but their organization, professionalism, and attention to detail is outstanding. The child care staff is unfailingly kind and welcoming, and strike a great balance between being helpful and comforting to the children without discouraging their independence. The child care curriculum includes structured activities as well as ample time for free play and outdoor activities (weather permitting), all of which combine to provide a holistic learning experience. The availability of the pool in the summer with the option for swimming lessons is enjoyable for the children and very convenient for working parents. The nursery school curriculum is fantastic. I am thrilled that our daughters have the opportunity to learn so much prior to entering kindergarten – I can’t imagine that their transition to kindergarten will be anything but smooth with such a strong foundation. The nursery school teachers are extremely well-qualified and are adept at noting when students need extra challenges for extra help. Our oldest daughter loves preschool and I am continually amazed at all she has learned so far. The nursery school family events and parties are a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your child’s class and are always well-organized and flawlessly executed. Very soon offer our older daughter enrolled and we experienced the difference at Wee Wisdom, we began to and continue to recommend Wee Wisdom to friends and coworkers who are seeking a wonderful preschool education for their child with a warm, safe, and caring environment. Wee Wisdom is, hands, down, the best childcare center and nursery school in Delaware County. Thank you to Denise and the wonderful staff for making our experience so positive! We love being a part of the Wee Wisdom family!”

- Ryan & Kira Childers