“I first called Wee Wisdom to get child care for my infant; unfortunately they could not help me. I believe that is the only complaint I have about Wee Wisdom!! As soon as my first child was old enough, I placed him at Wee Wisdom. I had looked at other child care facilities; however, I really wanted both child care and a separate Nursery School experience. Wee Wisdom was the only
place in Muncie I could find what I was looking for. It also worked great when I stopped working and did not need the child care any longer, I could still take my children to Nursery School for class. All three of my children went to both Child Care & Nursery School at Wee Wisdom. I cannot express how comfortable I was with my children there. The staff did not complain when I called to check on my child 5 or so times a day the first month. They were always very cheerful and made me think that was normal!! My kids had the opportunity to work with many different child care providers and personalities, which I feel was very good for them. Everyone in the facility was familiar with my children, which again, made me very comfortable. The Nursery School itself is outstanding. Due to some circumstances, unrelated to Wee Wisdom, I did take one of my children out of Wee Wisdom and enrolled him in another preschool in town- we were back at Wee Wisdom within two weeks! The quality and caring teachers cannot be beat! The structure in the Nursery School is something every child needs. I have yet to mention the programs – both Christmas and Graduation. My children learned so much stage presence, poise, and comfort in front of an audience, that today they do not think twice about performing anywhere. My children also looked forward (and still do) to the slumber parties, basketball camps, bible studies, and various other activities that Wee Wisdom offers. Mrs. Allen does not even stop when they leave her facility. She has counseled me numerous times on a variety of topics from where to send my children to school to behavior issues. She continues to check in with my children frequently and even serves as their “grandmother” when needed for Grandparent’s Day. Today my kids are at the top of their class, thanks in a big part, to the academic readiness they received al Wee Wisdom. I cannot thank Denise and her facility enough for all they have done for my family!”

- Lynn McCoy