“I have two beautiful daughters that are now 18 and 6 years of age. My oldest daughter, Danielle attended Wee Wisdom from age 1 to 7, and my youngest daughter Sydney is now 6 and is still attending Wee Wisdom on a part-time basis. It goes without saying that not only is Wee Wisdom the best child care facility but it has been like a second home for my girls. Wee Wisdom has played such a vital role in their lives. Wee Wisdom provided a strong foundation for my daughters through an excellent education program and also served as a great springboard for them in the development of their communication style and overall personalities. My daughters have both excelled in school and in social events and I owe this debt of gratitude to the excellent staff and teachers at Wee Wisdom. Their dedication to providing top-notch child care and education to my children far surpassed my expectations. Thank you Wee Wisdom for everything.”

- Jennifer S. Phillips