“As a single mother that works full time it was important for me to find Child Care that not only allowed for my daughter to play with other children, but also allowed her to feel safe, while being introduced to new people and new environments. That is the main reason we switched daycare to Wee Wisdom. I felt comfortable when I would leave her in the mornings, something that was not always easy for me to do. Jazmyn thought she would be going to play with friends each day. Not only was she there to play, she was also there to get a jump start on education. Jazmyn will have completed 2 years of Pre-school at Wee Wisdom this spring. Now she is ready to go Full-Force in to All Day Kindergarten. Without the help of the Wee Wisdom staff, this would not be easy. Jazmyn enjoys getting up in the morning to go to school. That makes getting ready and out the door a little easier on me, too. I am please with the ‘extras’ that Wee Wisdom offers. For instance, swim lessons. We have a pool and 2 years ago Jazmyn had to wear one of those bulky life vest bathing suits that made it a little awkward for her to move around. Now she can swim from one end to the other all by herself… At a fraction of the price that private swim lessons would have cost me. Wee Wisdom also offers Bible Study. This is something that is important to our family values. I love it when she sings about “An Awesome God” or when she prays at dinner time, “God we thank you for our food.”

- Heather Burnett