“Wee Wisdom Nursery School provides a loving, educational environment for children. Denise and her staff go out of their way on a daily basis to provide children with not only a safe environment, but also an environment filled with love. My son has had the privilege of attending Wee Wisdom for over two years and has participated in many activities. He entered the preschool program at the age of four and continued with the Pre-K program at age 5. At the first parent teacher conference at Yorktown, his teacher praised the education he received at Wee Wisdom. She noted our son was further advanced than the other students and commented that she could always pick out former Wee Wisdom students. In addition to the pre-school program, Denise also has an exceptional reading program she offers to children during the summer months. Our son was able to get a great start on reading through this program. Wee Wisdom has provided our son with a solid foundation for learning. I would highly recommend Wee Wisdom to anyone looking for a quality childcare or preschool for their child.”

- Brenda Lloyd