I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the  amazing experience you’ve give to my granddaughter, Hanna, this school year.  She has grown in so many ways, thanks especially to Mrs. Barnard and her kind and caring ways of teaching her students.  Seeing and hearing Hanna so excited about her school days when I pick her up has been so much fun.  I taught upper elementary age students for 40 years in Alexandria, so seeing her go on and on about her school day and the many things shes done and learned has been so appreciated by myself, and I am certain, all the other parents and grandparents as well.

Your Christmas program touched my heart … there’s nothing better to exemplify what Christmas is all about than little ones. And your songs and dance routines are priceless..

Then your ‘graduation’ program with the speaking parts for the students and their songs was just precious.  One can see the many hours of practice you all put into it.  The video montage prior to the program was priceless…those innocent faces and the corresponding songs were just so special.

Thank You, Mrs, Barnard, for the wonderful beginning you’ve given to Hanna and all your students as they are about to embark on their educations journey to kindergarten and beyond.  And, Mrs. Allen, the facility and wonderful staff you have for your center for all your ‘wee’ ones is just a special one.  I know you have to be very proud of everyone involved.  We’ve appreciated it all so very much.

Thanks again for the wonderful year you’ve given to our little Hanna!

Betsy Baker, Proud Grandparent of Hanna Baker

- Betsy Baker