“We had one or both of our children at Wee Wisdom every day for a period of 5 ‘1/2 years, and never, in all that time, did we have a complaint. We always felt very fortunate to have such a wonderful resource available. However, now that both of our children are in elementary school, we see even more what a terrific place Wee Wisdom is. The transition to “big kid” school was seamless, and the kids were extremely prepared, both academically and socially. If has been so interesting to talk to other parents and hear about their childcare experiences, and we can tell you that, hands down, Wee Wisdom has the highest satisfaction rate. Other parents appear to wish that they had enrolled their children at Wee Wisdom, once they hear about just a fraction of what goes on there. Once they know more about the nursery school curriculum and the special summer events, they are amazed at what is available. Childcare is expensive, and Wee Wisdom may cost a little more than some other places, but it is money well spent. We have never regretted a penny that went to Wee Wisdom, and we highly recommend it to everyone who asks.”

- Schuyler & Mary Louise Buck