“Our daughter began attending Wee Wisdom in May 2003, just before our son was born. At first she went just two days a week, and I was a little worried about how she would adjust, with a new baby brother and being away from me for the first time, as she had always been cared for at my office. From the first day, she was delighted. In August, we began considering whether we should continue to send her just two days a week or increase to full lime, and I was really struggling with the decision. She made it easy when she started asking to go to “school” on days that she wasn’t scheduled to go! I asked if she wanted to go to school every day, and she was thrilled. Since the end of August 2003, she has been at Wee Wisdom every day, and her little brother joined her there in December 2005. We have had nothing but positive experiences with Wee Wisdom, and it is wonderful knowing that our children are in a place that is loving, safe, and educational. They both have learned a tremendous amount, both in their nursery school classes and in child care, which includes both free play and structured, educational activities. The Wee Wisdom staff genuinely loves the children who are there, and my husband has often said that he thinks many of them are saints. They are very gentle, but firm, in how they enforce the rules and administer discipline when necessary. One thing that I have always appreciated is that they don’t have a lot of rules and they allow the children to make mistakes, teaching them how to interact with each other by paying attention to others’ feelings and learning about the impact that their choices have. However, the rules that exist are absolute (and usually related to safety), and violations are dealt with immediately and strictly. I am so grateful to have Wee Wisdom available. I had always heard that it was the best child care in the county, and it certainly has lived up to its reputation. Both of my children can swim, thanks to the summer swim lessons (it’s not especially pretty yet, but they won’t drown, which is really all that matters!). My kids have performed on the stage at Emens Auditorium, and neither of them will ever fear performing in public. They have had a marvelous time at the summer cheerleading and basketball camps, and the Big Wheel Races are a family tradition, with grandparents, a great-uncle, and cousins attending every year. We are huge fans and highly recommend Wee Wisdom. All of the extra activities are great, but the most important thing is knowing that our children are happy and never having a moment’s worry about the kind of care they receive.”

- Mary Louise Buck, Attorney at Law