“All parents want the absolute best for their child and that’s what we found for our daughter at Wee Wisdom. We were fortunate enough to enroll Emily in’ Wee Wisdom at the age of four. We could tell from the moment we first walked in that it was the place for her. Everyone, including the cook who greeted her at 6:30 a.m. with a smile on her face, Miss Denise, Miss Erin, and her pre-school teachers treated her as though she were the most precious child on earth. Wee Wisdom provided Emily with an excellent foundation in academic skills, social skills, and even leadership skills. As a kindergarten student Emily was confident and ready to learn. We believe that this was a result of the instruction and nurturing she received at Wee Wisdom. Some of the many extras that Emily attended were the summer enrichment programs for swimming and cheerleading. These extra classes were a fun way for her to learn coordination and cooperation. Today Emily is an A student, class president, flutist, and a member of student council. We truly believe that her accomplishments are a direct result of the excellent foundation she received at Wee Wisdom.”

- Lynette & Mark Varner