“Dear Mrs. Allen, We would like to thank you for all of your sincere kindness over the years. It is hard to believe that our two granddaughters (Brynn & Shelby) have gone to Wee Wisdom for seven years. We feel so fortunate and blessed that your daycare was available when we were in need. Wee Wisdom was highly recommended to us when we were looking for a daycare. At the time, Shelby, the youngest had a terrible fall that spring, so we were very concerned about leaving her in an atmosphere that would not be able to monitor her activities and she become injured again. You were very attentive to our concerns and the staff was excellent in watching Shelby during this time. It was so nice to see that the children were divided into smaller groups based on their ages. We were worried that she would be mixed with older and rougher kids, but that was not the case. Brynn and Shelby had a lot of turmoil in their little lives. Their mom and dad were not around. But you and your staff were so great; they were so excited about going to Wee Wisdom every morning, which gave them the stability they needed at such a young age. They loved going to nursery school and your staff was wonderful. Both kids entered Kindergarten at Pleasant View ahead of everyone else, which made it an easy transition for them, and the service you
provide by picking them up after class was such a help. I really don’t know how we would have managed without that service. Wee Wisdom is so much more than a day care and nursery school. You
get the kids involved in the annual Christmas Play, and other holiday programs. You have the big wheel race, and summer camps such as: basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading. You offer swim lessons and free swim time during the summer. And I can’t forget the slumber parties that allowed us a night away from the kids. Mrs. Allen, you truly provide a strong foundation for young kids to build and grow upon. You provide a safe and happy environment that gives them an opportunity to learn and create. You teach social skills they will use for the rest of their lives and we thank you. We will always recommend Wee Wisdom, not because you offer a day care, but because you provide support, love, and friendship.”

- Dave & Kathy Slattery