“Why We Love Wee Wisdom” When our oldest daughter began nursery school at Wee Wisdom, we felt really smart – we had chosen a good preschool, one which offered a structured learning environment complimented by many opportunities to socialize with other children. Five years later, when our youngest daughter started at Wee Wisdom, we felt blessed. Having a learning disability and loads of sensory problems, she was anything but easy. But Denise Allen and her staff welcomed our little one with the same love given to all children – plus an extra dose of patience. Blessed, indeed we were! The staff welcomed the developmental therapists and worked with us with the goal of providing a challenging, yet emotionally safe learning environment. As we looked toward graduation and moving on to kindergarten, Denise remained a valuable part of our team, accompanying us to the initial meetings with the teachers and staff to report on our daughter’s progress.
What Wee Wisdom has provided our girls – and our family as a whole – goes far beyond child care and nursery school. Sure, they offer a solid curriculum taught by qualified staff, loving caregivers, nutritious food and wonderful parties and programs, but the genuine affection they have for all of their children is immeasurable – and it’s what sets Wee Wisdom apart.”

- Angie Cravens