In January 2013, Wee Wisdom installed a “key-less” entry system. All staff, parents, and anyone listed on each child’s “Authorization of Pick-Up List”, must have an authorized/activated “key fob” to enter the building. In addition, we installed an intercom system and video camera at each level of entry for our building. No one is permitted inside the building without a key fob. In essence, we are on a 24/7 lockdown. We do not permit any “walk-ins” for persons wanting to tour our facility. Tours are given by “appointment only”. Before a tour begins, the individuals coming for the tour must show a picture ID to the video camera and only those persons listed in our appointment calendar will be permitted to enter once ID has been verified. Once a parent decides to enroll, individual Key Fobs will be issued to each parents and all individuals listed on the Authorization of Pick Up List. Parents must make a $10.00 deposit for each Key Fob issued, which will be refunded/credited back to their account once the child withdraws from Wee Wisdom. Key Fobs are only issued to individuals ages 18 and over.

Key Fobs may not be shared among authorized users.

Please do not ask us to make exceptions, as requests to do so will be respectfully declined. One parent from each family will be required to complete an intake agreement covering our Security System Policy. This agreement will be a part of your child’s main file, and must be completed prior to the beginning of your child’s first day of attendance. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that all authorized Key Fob recipients understand and abide by the policies listed in this agreement. Our security system is strict for a reason…The safety of your child depends upon it!

Once an authorized adult has entered the building through the use of his/her key fob, it is likely that the adult may need to show picture ID before a child is released to his/her care. Therefore, it is important that each parent inform all authorized Key Fob recipients to bring their drivers license into the building when they arrive to pick up a child. Once our staff recognizes Authorized Key Fob recipients, the frequency of needing to show picture ID will decrease. However, if new staff are added, the new staff person will need to acquaint themselves with all adults who are authorized to pick up. This is a process that takes time. So, please… always enter the building with your picture ID.   These rules are written to protect your child. Below is a summary of what to expect if you are an authorized Key Fob recipient.

  1. Inform each person on your child’s “authorized pick up list” of the components listed in our security system agreement.
  2. Keep your child’s “authorization of pick up list” updated. Changes (additions/deletions) must take place in the main office through our office manager. Each parent is responsible for making sure the list is current.
  3. Authorized individuals may enter the building through upper or lower levels by the use of their Key Fobs.
  4. Authorized individuals are required to enter with Picture ID on their person.
  5. Children will be released only to individuals who are listed on each child’s current “Authorization of Pick Up List” AND possess a picture ID that matches the name on the list.

All of these components must be present in order for your child to be released from our building. The safety of your child is our number one concern every minute of every day!