If your child is scheduled to bring a snack, then this day is also serving as your child’s Show & Tell Day.  Please do not send items larger than 8″ x 10″.  Toy weapons are not permitted!

Date9:00 T/TH CLASS
Mrs. Clark
Ms. Allen

*Indicates Birthday Celebration (See Guidelines Below)

Note:  If you forget your snack date, Wee Wisdom will provide the snack for you, and a $10 fee will be added to your account.

Important Reminders

Check back each month for an updated schedule!

Birthday Celebrations

Parents:  Please send individual cookies or a cookie cake.  (No Cake or Cupcakes, please!)

Birthday Favor Bags:  If including Favor Bags, DO NOT send un-inflated balloons, pencils, toys with small parts, or candy and toys that are round or could present a chocking hazard.

Acceptable AM Snack Items

Please select 1-2 items below:

Graham CrackersTeddy Grahams
Little Fish Cheese CrackersAnimal Crackers
Variety CrackersBread Sticks/Dip
Sandwiches (We Will Assemble)Muffins
Bagels w/ toppingPlain Yogurt Donuts
Plain Cake DonutsGranola Bars
BrowniesRice Krispie Treats
Pop TartsPizza (Have delivered hot & ready to serve)
Yogurt or GogurtCheese Sticks
Pepperoni, Summer Sausage, Turkey, Ham, Chicken SlicesOther items may be acceptable. Please check w/ teacher.
2nd Item: Fruit/DipIf sending in fruit or veggies (as a 2nd item), send 1 day in advance.
2nd Item: Celery/Dip

Prohibited AM Snack Items

CakeWhole GrapesPeanut Butter
Potato ChipsHot DogsPopcorn and Popcorn Puffs
Nacho ChipsRound or Hard Food of any kindRaw Carrots
Corn ChipsNuts, Seeds, PeasTaffy
Vanilla WafersDried FruitCookies of any kind
Chips of any kindMarshmallowsMeat larger than 1/2 in. square
CupcakesPretzels of any kind
Candy of any kindChex Mix