Teaching Respect

Below is a handout about how to teach respect to your children. Enjoy this resource and use the tips, books, and websites to help you instill respect in your children.

Teaching Respect Handout

Road Trip

It’s road trip time! Road trips can be stressful, so is a handout that you and your family can use to prepare for them. It includes tips for packing, activities, and keeping your sanity throughout the trip.

Road Trip Handout

First Aid

Below is a handout that you and your family can use for first aid guidelines. It includes: basic first aid information as well as resources. Please enjoy this resource with fun facts, activities, and books for children.

First Aid Handout

Family Dinner

Below is a handout about the benefits of family dinners. It includes: fun facts, activities, and resources all about family dinners. Enjoy!

Family Dinner Handout

How to Deal with Challenging Behaviors

Below is a handout with information for parents about how to deal with challenging behaviors at home. It includes: positive ways to deal with these behaviors, helpful books and websites, and family activities to promote positive behavior.

Challenging Behaviors Handout


Here is a handout about family exercises. It includes: fun facts, books, websites, and fun family exercises that you can do at home! Please use this wonderful resource for your family.

Exercises Handout

Craft Activities

Below is a handout about crafting that includes fun ideas, why crafting is beneficial, and resources for your use. Please enjoy!

Craft Activities Handout

Chores for Children

Chores have benefits for children of all ages and abilities. Here is a handout that includes benefits, resources, and appropriate chores for all ages.

Chores Handout

Importance of Bedtime Routines

Please enjoy this handout about the importance of bedtime routines for your children. Resources, fun facts, and activities for your family are included as well!

Bedtime Routines Handout

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Below is a two-page handout about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Please use this handout and the resources attached for your information.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Handout

Emergency Preparedness

Below is a two-page handout with information about emergency preparedness. Please use this to prepare your family for emergencies. Enjoy!

Emergency Preparedness Handout

Bringing Home a New Sibling

Here is information about how to help your children when bringing home a new sibling. Included are fun facts,helpful books and websites, and family activities. Enjoy!

New Sibling Handout