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National Doctor’s Day

March 30, 2016

In honor of American Physicians, the Congress, by Senate Joint Resolution, has designated March 30th as National Doctors Day.  (A proclamation by George Bush in 1991)  The day-to-day work of healing conducted by physicians throughout the United States has been shaped, in large part, by great pioneers in medical research.  Many of those pioneers have been Americans.  Indeed, today we gratefully remember physicians such as Dr. Daniel Hale Williams and Dr. Charles drew, who not only advanced their respective fields but also brought great honor and pride to their fellow Black Americans.  We pay tribute to doctors such as Albert Sabin and Jonas Salk whose vaccines for poliomyelitis helped to overcome one of the world’s most dreaded childhood diseases.  We also recall the far-reaching humanitarian efforts of Americans such as Dr. Thomas Dooley, as well as the forward-looking labors of pioneers such as members of the National Institutes of Health, who are helping to lead the Nation’s fight against AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases.  These and other celebrated American physicians have enabled mankind to make significant strides in the ongoing struggle against disease.

Ideas to Celebrate National Doctor’s Day!

by maria johnson Creative Writer

No doubt that almighty gave us this precious life but who’s that special person who needs appreciation for maintaining it well? Doctors dedicate their whole life in caring and treating us. They tender hope and bring second chances to their patients every day. National Doctor’s Day is on the way. History of this day dates back to 1933 when Dr. Charles B. Almonds’ wife; Ga. Eudora Brown Almond; decided to honor all physicians. Also this day marks anniversary of first anesthesia usage in surgeries.

Well this is the day when you can give special “Thanks” to all doctors for their sacrificial, compassionate service. You can express your gratitude towards your past and present doctors and make them realize how much thankful you are for their commitment to your wellbeing. Here are some wonderful ideas to celebrate National Doctor’s Day.

1) Send “Thank You” Cards:  Design and make greeting cards at home using scrapbook paper including ‘thank you’ quotes or simply buy one. They will reflect your heartfelt feelings for their special contribution in your lives. You can also present them with gift certificates after getting it signed from all staff members of hospital. Staff members too can send cards at doctor’s desk.

2) Gifts and Flowers:  You can also send appreciation gifts to doctor’s place in order to thank them. Sending bouquets at their workstation will work well to thank them for their efforts. Gifting them personalized stethoscope, lab coats, business card holder, desk calendar, medicine books of their respective field will be a simple and elegant gift.

3) Arrange Breakfast or Lunch:  One of the effective ways to make your doctors or physicians happy is to arrange tantalizing breakfast or lunch. Arrange dishes which you think they would love to taste. This idea will surely work out for your family doctor members.

4) Arrange for Onsite Car Washing Service:  Arranging for cash washing facility for your doctor’s car seems to be funny idea but in actual they will appreciate it.

5) Donate Charity:  Best way to convey gratitude is to donate charity to cancer treatment trusts in the name of your doctors.  Simply donate to organizations which are associated with helping people suffering from various anomalies and disorders. This will create an everlasting impression.

6) Attempt to Give “Thank You” Newspaper Ads:  If you are looking for impressive way for thanking all your doctors then go for this one. Give special ad in newspapers involving names of all those doctors who are responsible for making your life better with unique “thank you” quotes for each.

7) Decorate Hospital’s Interiors:  Make this day special for all your doctors whose contribution made a difference in your lives. Decorate entrance of hospital with balloons, flowers, hanging lamps, lanterns and other decors to surprise your doctor. Welcome them in the morning with warm greetings and then surprise them with cards, gifts or bouquets at their desk.

8) Offer Special Prayers in Church:  To honor your doctors arrange church banquet and offer prayers in their names. Offer flowers in church and make them realize how grateful you are to their compassionate, professional care.

This is the day which follows trend of celebration every year with many people involved in it. So, recognize your doctor in celebration of Doctor’s Day. If you are looking forward to buy some Doctor’s Day gifts, then make use of flowers coupons or gift discount offers available at CouponAlbum.com. Appreciate your Doctor with an impressive gift that will be remembered for long.



March 30, 2016