Child Care Ratios

A “current” child: staff ratio chart is posted on each level of our Child Care Center.

Below is a summary of current ratios:

Age of youngest
child in group
Maximum # of Children
Supervised by One (1) Caregiver
(In effect at all times!)
Maximum # of Children
in One (1) Group w/2 Caregivers
(In effect at all times!)
24-35 months
(2 years)
5 10
30-35 months
(2 ½ years)
7 14
36-47 months
(3 years)
10 20
48-59 months
(4 years)
12 24
60 months and up
(5 years and up)
15 30

Child to Staff Ratios are maintained during all hours of operation. When there is a combination of ages within a group of children, caregivers will determine the ratio required by the age of the youngest child in the group. This includes opening and closing times. Wee Wisdom Child Care Center will have two (2) adults present during all hours of operation (6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday).

Additional Child Grouping Policies:

We’ve been a member of the Wee Wisdom family since January 2001 when our oldest child was 3 years old. Since that time, we’ve sent two other children through the nursery school and child care programs.

The teachers in both the preschool & and child care programs are terrific! There is a good consistency in the staff that comforts the children and supports their development. The teachers develop creative activities incorporating music, art, science, and literature throughout the week. Our children have developed close relationships with all of their teachers over the years at Wee Wisdom. The teachers all have a special place in the hearts of all our family.”

Melissa & David Beeson, along with Natalie, Sam, & Will
Proud Parent of 2 Wee Wisdom Graduates!!!

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